Portrait lors du concert de DJ Limpkin

Embracing the limitations

Recently a friend of mine has been doubting the value of her almost obtained engineer diploma. What’s the link between this and photography? Well, there is many, but for now I’ll concentrate on what I want to call « perceived limitations ».

Recently, a DJ wanted me to shoot some pictures of him performing in Lausanne. It was really fun and pleasant. But…

There were a lot of backlights (Which is pretty normal). And I wanted to have some portrait with wide angle. The problem is that the lens I use has a serious tendency to produce flare with backlights. And huge ones at that. But instead of going every time against it, I decided to embrace this limitation to produce pictures.

DJ Limpkin

These kinds of limitations, happen every time in photography. You have to go around a given problem with what you have. Of course, I could have cursed my gear for this problem, but it wouldn’t have changed the result much.

Zull FX @ Balelec

So every time you see a limitation, try asking yourself if the limitation truly comes from what gear/diploma/whatever you have, or if you’re just holding back yourself for some unknown reasons.

limitations 3

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