Accueil / Depth of Field (DoF) calculator for portrait

Depth of Field (DoF) calculator for portrait

DoF Calculator with Customizable DoF

What do I mean by DoF for portrait?

For portraiture, there are different schools of thoughts, some like to have only the eyes in focus, or up to the ears as well or even have the whole body. So here is a tool to make it more consistant across all your pictures.

How to use this DoF calculator for portraits?

I assumed 3 styles: close-up (50cm), waist shot (100cm) and full body (200cm). This calculator will evaluate the distance to the subject for said style and then give the aperture needed for your wanted DoF. It could also be used for group shots but be sure to use a bigger depth of field to account for people not lining up.


You’ll soon realise, depth of field for a subject of a given size isn’t dependant on the focal length using this simplified version. The background blur will be totally different of course, just not the DoF on the subject. So you could simply put your Sensor Format and get values for portrait and landscape orientations and it will work for all your lenses.

Also note it uses a simplified DoF formula so it won’t be perfect but close enough.

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