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Focal Length Calculator

Quick notes on this focal length calculator:

This calculator can be useful in a variety of situations, such as Safari, Cityscapes, small object photography, etc

For example: In a Safari, you want to take a pictures of a Lion at a safe distance of around 50m. You’ll soon realise that you’ll need around a 1200mm on Full-Frame for just that. So you might want to buy such a lens (600mm and 2x teleconverter), or go closer instead or not filling the frame with said Lion.

Next, you want to take a picture of a small Ladybug (why not?). This insect is around 7mm in length. On a full-frame camera, you’ll need a 3.4 magnification to fill the frame with it. Because of that, you’ll need special equipment to achieve such a high magnification. But here we have a limitation for such a tool, the working distance is not precise for this kind of work.

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